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Who we are


Formed out of necessity in 2014 when several local wildlife rescues closed, Wild Touch wildlife rescue is a small, experienced rescue service run from our own home rescuing and rehabilitating wild and exotic animals. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for any sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that comes into our care, regardless of species, whether that means caring for it ourselves or transferring it on to another facility. We work closely with a network of vets, specialist keepers and rehabilitators around the country to ensure each animal receives the treatment it requires.

Our Ethics


It is essential that every animal that comes into our hands is given the highest quality care possible. If we do not have the correct facilities to cater for that species or individual properly then it will be transferred to somewhere that does. Wildlife rehabilitation is about the welfare of the individual animal and, successful or not, usually has little bearing on the rest of its species. Therefore every animal receives the same high standard of care, regardless of population or status. Common and “pest” species such as pigeons and corvids are treated in the same way as the rarer ones.

Our Aims


It is always our ultimate aim to return a wild animal to the wild. This release process is usually a long, complex procedure and must be done in exactly the right way, otherwise all the previous work gone into treating the animal is wasted. Again, if we do not have the appropriate conditions to do this properly, the animal will be passed on to somewhere that does. If the animal is not able to be released we must assess its future very carefully.


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