We rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Animal Rescues

Here are some of our rescue stories

This this young Otter cub was found wandering in the road. The cub was very quiet and subdued, and was weak on it's back legs, we suspect having been clipped by a car. The following day though it had perked up quite considerably and went on to do very well, having regained its strength and wild attitude, and as you can see by the video, it's apatite! Unfortunately it was very unlikely that we would have been able to find it's parents again, so this cub will have to be hand reared and rehabilitated gradually. This is a long, complex process with otters, requiring large enclosures, deep pools and other cubs to interact with. The whole process usually takes over a year before the youngsters are ready to be returned to the wild.This is not something we have the facilities to do here, We found a facility in Devon at the UK Wild Otter Trust and our Otter cub has finally gone on to the next stage of her rehabilitation. She will now continue her rehab in the specialist facilities she needs alongside another cub and, all going well, should be released next spring. Thank you to Dave Webb for offering her the placement and to Kati Owen for making the trip to collect her.

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